When was the last time you were selfish and thought about yourself? When was the last time you invested time or money in yourself?

venice canals

> You ate your favourite dinner?

> Poured yourself your favourite drink?

> Watched your favourite tv show in peace?

> Went out for a long walk just by yourself?

> Sat down and read a book for 20 minutes?

Treated yourself to a spa day?

I bet it was some time ago. I bet any sort of investments in yourself are pretty few and far between.

I am guilty too. Forever in the cycle of work, work, work and never just stopping, and chilling out. Taking just 20minutes out and thinking about me and what makes me happy.

But we should invest in ourselves if we want to be the best version of ourselves. I hate the analogy and phrase which I seem to have read or heard so much recently ‘Put your own life jacket on first before helping others,’ but it is so true. How can you help and serve others if your own house isn’t in order?

So here are my recommendations for 5 investments which you can make in yourself right now in order to become a happier and healthier version of you! Choose just one or all five!

1) Revamp your workout routine

From personal experience I know that I feel so much better when I have a good workout. All those post workout endorphins flowing through my body usually can put me on a high for the rest of the day. But if you are stuck in the same routine, or going to the same mundane classes every week, then it might be time to switch it up and try something different. 

Try a new class. Go for a run. Join a sports club. Get a Personal Trainer. 

abi durrant fitness
2) Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

How many of us complain that we are tired at least once a week? If not every day?! Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and get yourself 3 and a half extra hours of sleep per week! Just think how much more refreshed you will feel!

3) Plan the week out ahead and reflect on the one just gone.

I usually take Sunday mornings to do this. I wake up, make myself a coffee and sit down with my passion planner. Firstly I look on the week just gone and reflect on what I did well, and what I did not so well. Did I do everything which I wanted to, if not then why not? I then know what to focus on the following week and what areas I can improve on. 

I then schedule in all my major appointments such as PT sessions or client meetings for that week and then I write down when I want to work out as I know how important that is for me. I tend to leave the rest of the time blank and then fill in each morning as I don’t know what is going to come up each day. I make a list of 3 personal things I want t achieve over the week, and then 3 business things which I want to tick off. 

passion planner

The above is all in an ideal world, but when I don’t do it I feel unsettled so know that I am a better person when I take the time to plan and reflect.

Every night before I get into bed I have a diary in which I write down 3 things which I am grateful for each day. It only takes a couple of minutes, but even on what I may have thought was a rubbish day I make myself find something positive which has happened.

4) Take at least 20 minutes out of the day for you. Read, go for a walk, watch your favourite tv show, sit in silence. Just take 20 minutes away from the noise and focus on yourself.

I got into the habit of scheduling 30minutes to read every afternoon but if I am honest that has slipped recently and is something I need to start up again. I love going for walks and plugging in a podcast and that is something which I need to do more of now that the sun is making more of an appearance. 

week 13 learn something new everyday

One of my new years resolutions was to take more care of myself and schedule in regular nail appointments, facials and massages. I have been doing quite well at this but I am definitely due a massage!

5) Drink more water aka the elixir of life!

This one is self explanatory, more water is one of the best investments in your health which you can make! Read about the many benefits of water here.  

benefits of drinking water

I promise you that you will feel refreshed and ready to go again. Don’t neglect yourself, it is your life, so make sure you are living it to the full. You are in charge of every decision you make and every thought you have, so do what you want to do.

What investments do you like to make in yourself?

Love Abi xxxx



I hope that I am able to help a lot of you who read the information which I post on my page on a regular basis.

‘The whole reason I became a Personal Trainer was to help people.’

I was fed up of seeing all the contradictory information in the news, on the television, in magazines, on social media etc etc. My main goal was to strip everything back to basics and inform people on what really matters, and what really works.

This is still my ethos today.

personal trainer

It is the reason I work so hard.
It is the reason I put in upwards of 14 hour days.
It is the reason I feel embarrassed but do it anyway and record youtube videos.
It is the reason there is an imprint of my bum on a chair at the kitchen table/my desk.
It is the reason I continue to try and improve my knowledge.
It is the reason I invest in learning and continued education.
It is the reason my alarm is set for 4:30 every day (and I mean every day.)

It all boils down to me wanting to help.

I want to help as many people as I can.

Am I succeeding?

I don’t know.

All I know is that if I go to bed having had an impact on just one person’s life that day then I have done something right.

personal trainer

I have bad days. I have days when I question everything which I am doing…
Have I shared the right information?
Have I programmed the right exercises?
Did I explain something clearly enough?
Am i a bad example?
Do people find what I am sharing useful?
Is my youtube channel a waste of time?

However, I am privileged to be able to do what I do and I am grateful every day that I have this platform and opportunity to share what I know and have learnt.

Love Abi xxxx

Everyday I try and learn something new which I think is interesting and improves my knowledge! This is what I have been learning and reading about this week!

2nd: An estimated 3000 euros are thrown into the Trevi Fountain in Rome every day. It is illegal to try and steal the coins from the fountain.

3rd: There are over 8.7million different species in the world. Who says that humans are the most important?

4th: There is 5 times more Vitamin C in a Kiwi than an orange. (Kiwi is my current favourite fruit!)

5th: Emus and Kangeroos cannot walk backwards

6th: In air travel, there is a rate of one accident per 2.4million flights. (Taken from the book ‘Black Box Thinking’ by Matthew Syed)

 7th: The first Grand National Horse race was held in 1839 and it is now the most valuable jump race in Europe. An estimated 500-600million people watch the race in over 140 countries. It is estimated that 25% of British adults will bet on the race!

8th: Easter is one of the festivals which tries to harmonise the solar and lunar calendars. As a general rule, Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first full moon after 21 March. The latest it can be is 25th April but that hasn’t happened since 1943 and won’t again until 2038. The most common date is 19 April.

Have you been joining in on this quest to find out more about the world we live in? Would love to know your fact of the day!

Love Abi xxx


Motivation Monday 20th March 2017

motivation monday - Derek Sivers - just pretend

Why did I choose this quote today?

This is another little snippet that i got from an interview with Derek Sivers in the book ‘Tools of Titans,’ which I have now recommended on numerous occasions! But that is because it is so brilliant and certainly worth a read!

We all have voices in our heads, some telling us to ‘just go for it’, and others saying ‘woooooah hold on a minute.’ I like the idea that if we pretend to be something then that is what will happen.

If we pretend to be happy, does that automatically put us in a good mood?

If we pretend to be motivated, does that automatically make us work harder?

There are numerous occasions I can think of when this has worked for me. If I am feeling tired, and down in general but I know I have clients who I have to be on top form for, I will give myself a pep talk and put myself in a good mood. More often than not it will work and my mood will completely change.

Don’t choose to be sad, unhappy, anxious, worried, fearful.

Choose to be happy, excited, motivated, confident. 


Flip your mindset and you will see a change. It won’t happen every time. There is certainly a time for feeling upset and worried. But not all the time.

Give it a go this week and see how you get on!

Love Abi xxxx

Learn something new everyday : week ending 11th March 2017

I have had a super crazy week this week, I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone! I am loving this challenge to myself, to learn something new every day isn’t easy though! Sometimes it has got to 8oclock at night and I am frantically googling something. I have got my Mum and sister involved though and they are sending me messages when they learn something which they think may be interesting to pass on!

Update on #30B430

> I have been reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Prof Steve Peters which was kindly gifted to me by a really good friend. I have really been enjoying this book and the concept which he is explaining. You have different arts to your brain which effect your thought process in different ways. You need to train the ‘chimp’ part of your brain to get the best out of life. I will hopefully have finished this by the end of the week which will be my 4th book out of 30!

> I have kept up with a photo everyday

> I have seeds, some plant pots and some soil. I just need to plant them.

> I booked tickets for my Dad and I to go to Sheffield United vs Oldham away in a couple of weeks!

> I visited somewhere beginning with the letter ‘A’ last weekend; Aldwark Arms for sunny dinner. It was lovely, and I also managed to tick of trying a new ice cream flavour; black treacle!

> I have started researching laser eye surgery and photography courses.

> I managed a Squat Rep PR in the gym; 62.5kg 3×4. So working my way up to 75kg slowly!

learn everyday

So back to what I have learnt everyday this week…

5th: Muscle Growth occurs because of two main pathways. Muscle Protein Synthesis and Myonuclear Domain Theory

6th: Dynamic and Static stretching make no difference to DOMs of the risk of injury. See my blog post on stretching HERE!

7th: In a powerlifting meet, the squat and bench press have two commands which you must follow; the deadlift only has one.

8th: The Maldives is made up of 1190 islands in total, grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. An atoll is a ring shaped coral reef which either fully or partially encircles a lagoon.

9th: The Banana is the the UK’s favourite fruit and we purchase 5 billion of them every year.

10th: Camels have a life expectancy of 40-50 years.

11th: The Balkan Peninsula consists of ten-and-a-half countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the European part of Turkey.

Until next week! Have a good one!

Love Abi xxxx