Recipe: egg, courgetti and tomato breakfast salad

Salad for breakfast? Are you serious? Yes I am, and you will love this egg, courgetti and tomato breakfast salad as much as I do once you give it a go!

breakfast salad

I can sometimes get into a bit of a rut with my breakfast; sticking to something for days, weeks, months on end once I find something which I not only like but keeps me full and satisfied! But, when recording full days of eating for my Youtube channel I sometimes need to try and come up with different recipe ideas to share rather than just repeating the same thing over and over!

Recently I had been loving my veggie stuffed egg white calzone, but this morning I decided it was time to come up with something different! I was inspired by all the different things which Clean Eating Alice has been making for breakfast recently. So, I thought I would come up with something new, a breakfast salad!

I don’t own a vegetable spiraliser, and if I don’t buy it ready made I just use a speed peeler to cut a courgette into strands and make courgetti…not quite as aesthetic but still does the job!

breakfast salad

This bowl is full of flavour, from the pesto, sun dried tomato and feta. You could add some chorizo or lean bacon to the mix, which would both go really well in my opinion but unfortunately I didn’t have either in the fridge! The chilli flakes on top add a nice heat to the dish as well. You could poach your egg…however I apparently cannot at 29 years old, but frying and flipping I am okay with!


200g Courgetti
80g Mixed Salad Leaves
20g Feta
10g Sundried Tomatos
50g Plum Tomatos – chopped
10g Reduced Fat Pesto
1 egg
Chilli Flakes
Non stick cooking spray

breakfast salad

Put the chopped tomatoes under a grill with some S&P for about 10 minutes – checking that they don’t burn, but just long enough to soften them.

If the sundried tomatos need rehydrating then put them in some boiling water to soak.

Put the courgetti in a pan with the pesto, and stir until almost cooked, sometimes you may need to add a dash of boiling water to stop it from drying out.

Fry or poach your egg.

In a bowl, add your salad, then the courgetti mixture and roasted tomatoes. Then top with sundried tomatoes and the egg. Sprinkle with the feta and some chilli flakes and you are good to go!

breakfast salad

This breakfast salad is absolutely delicious, try something different for breakfast this week. Push the boundaries of what is considered the ‘norm.’ Surely this looks better than white toast and butter?!

Love Abi xxxx

breakfast salad

P.s. if you love the idea of this for breakfast you will love my Brussel sprout and chickpea brunch bowl as well!


Week 17 Update and what I have learnt this week!

I know every week I seem to be saying it has been a really busy one for me, but week 17 has been no different! Last weekend I put on my second round of group sessions at the gym which were a huge success. I had 3 groups of highly motivated and encouraging ladies all giving their absolute best for a 45 minute workout. I am really enjoying delivering these sessions and really hope to be able to put on more of them in the future. I have received some really great feedback as well which is always lovely to hear. Need to finalise the next round of dates this week with the gym to keep the momentum going!

week 17 group session

I had 4 jam packed days of clients as I was taking Friday off to go to Birmingham for the Bodypower Fitness Expo. All clients did AMAZING this week, and we hit a few of incredible PRs.

Annie Hex Bar Deadlift 8 reps at 100kg

Lauren Hex Bar Deadlift 8 reps at 75kg

Hannah Bench Press PR 47.5kg

I am so chuffed with all of the above. I try and get my girls to focus on mini goals like these rather than just aesthetic ones. The looks on their faces after achieving something like this is priceless.

As mentioned, I went to Bodypower on Friday, this was the 4th year which I have been now. I really enjoy the day. It is a chance to wander round, try out new products, listen to talks and network with like minded individuals. This year I really wanted to focus on networking and speaking to different people in the industry. I had a good chat with Jamie Alderton, who I look up to immensely and follow all of his work. Some of the information he was able to share with me I bottled up and will be implementing in the next few weeks as I look to progress myself and my business. (There is also a lot of beautiful people walking around as well 🙈)

I mentioned my sister Hannah got a Bench Press PR, she achieved this whilst we were training at Emporium Gym in Birmingham on Saturday Morning. We went here for the first time last year and loved it so had to return this weekend. It is an old school bodybuilding style gym, the machines and weights are old and well used, but the atmosphere is amazing. A lot of the athletes who come over for Bodypower train here, last year we met Dana Lynne Bailey and this year had the pleasure of training next to Calum Von Moger. This was the best training session I had had in a really long time, it reminded me why i got into this industry.

‘I love lifting weights, I love the process, I love the feeling of making myself better.’

I needed this session more than I realised.

I am now home, up early and planning for the week ahead, week 17 flew by. Week 18 will culminate in me flying to Stockholm (#30B430 ticklist!) for the night to see Bruno Mars…

What have I learnt this week?

7th: The Queen has two birthdays because it would be too chilly in April to have major celebrations! The tradition started in 1748 with King George II, who had the misfortune of being born in chilly November.

8th: Gelato and ice cream are different. Gelato uses a higher quantity of milk in comparison to cream which means it contains less fat, it is churned at a slower rate which introduces less air making it less dense (ie creamier!) and it is also served at a warmer temperature than Ice cream.

9th: If you earn over £75k per year, you are in the top 5% of UK earners.

10th: Olericulture is the science of vegetable growing

11th: There are 576 billionaires in the USA, the highest of any country in the world. The UK currently has 134.

12th: May 12th is International Nurses Day and is celebrated around the world. It is also the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

13th: In America, the most popular baby names in 2016 were Noah and Emma.

Have a fab week everyone!

Love Abi xxxx



This week I feel like I have just been chasing my tail as I try to recover after a weekend away in Dublin! Late nights are not something I make a habit of, so 3 in a row has left me trying to catch up on sleep all week!

I have had a really busy week of clients, including a couple of new ones which has been great! I am always so nervous on these first meetings, however need to remember that the chances are the new clients are much more nervous than myself. I am getting better and think it is probably only natural as I want to do my best and give a good impression from the off!

Dublin was amazing. I really loved the city. We had a great time, seeing new things, eating and drinking. I was able to tick off one of my #30B430 tasks as we dined at a celebrity restaurant whilst there, Fade Street Social is Dylan McGrath’s restaurant who is a presenter on Irish Masterchef as well as frequenting many cooking programmes her in the UK. It was amazing food, really lived up to expectations! If you want to check out my full trip vlog then click this link! 

In terms of progress, I feel like I have really had my head back in the game this week. After a few weeks of overindulging and sneaking extra bites here and there, this week my food and macros have been pretty much 95% on point! I feel TONS better for it, both mentally and physically.

Gym has also been great as I have been able to fit in 5 full sessions this week. I scaled the cardio back and this doesn’t seem to have affected progress. I can get into the mindset that I need to do more and more cardio, when in fact, if I just get my food under control I am able to track and see progress.

I tried to tick another thing off my #30B430 list midweek when I attempted to give blood….note the word ‘attempted.’ It turns out that my veins are actually too small for the needles so I won’t be able to do it 🙁 Instead I decided to join the organ donor register which literally took less than a minute to do and I highly encourage you to do so.

Right, week 15 catch up done, so what have I learnt?

23rd: Annual sales of washing powders are over $3billion in the USA alone.

24th: Ireland is the only country in the world with a musical instrument as its national emblem.

25th: 10% of American companies go bankrupt every year

26th: The bank used by the Queen, Coutts, receives the most number of banking complaints every year. 1 in every 100 account holders files a complaint against the company.

27th: In Jan 2001, Calcutta was changed to Kolkatta. It is believed that the name Kolkata fairly sounded like Kalikata, one of three villages in this area where today kolkata is present, before the arrival of British.

28th: Sales of cauliflower have declined by 10% in the past decade!

29th: One in every seven people in the UK is now a member of a gym, which is now at an all time high of 14.3% of the population! The fitness industry continues to grow year on year as people are releasing the importance and benefits of being active.

Next blog post will be my April favourites so stay tuned for that one!

Week 15 done, let’s hope week 16 is a successful one!

Love Abi xxxx

Week 14 : Learn something new everyday

Week 14 of 2017 has been a funny one for me! I have felt all out of sync with it being bank holiday last weekend and then heading of to Dublin at the end of the week for a couple of days. It did mean a super busy few days at work though as I tried to fit in all my clients in the space of 3 days! Long days and not much sleep! But I love what I do (most of the time!!) which means I have finished the week smiling!

I took on my first big group sessions last weekend which went extremely well. Although I was so nervous beforehand, the positive feedback which I have received since has meant that I will certainly try and put on more of these in the future!

I didnt overindulge in Easter chocolate, but I did have a bit of a blowout on Wednesday  night for no reason at all. These things happen. I go myself right back on track the next day and filmed my top tips for doing so for my Youtube channel, I would love it if you headed on over and checked it out! Youtube Channel HERE!!

I went for a lovely long walk on Easter Sunday from Cayton Bay to Scarborough which is where the cover photo for this blog was taken. It took me just under 2 hours and well over 10,000 steps. I have never done that walk before and it really made me appreciate living by the sea!

Training has been going well once again, really think I am benefiting from just mixing it up that little bit these past couple of weeks. I will be having a few days off this weekend though and no doubt overindulging a tad whilst away, so will be ready to hit it once again when I am back!

I have discovered a new favourite Youtube – Sarah’s Day. She is from Sydney and is another health and fitness vlogger, basically I want to be her! Her vlogs are so entertaining and I now want to move to Australia ASAP!

Right that is week 14 rounded up for you! Now onto what I have learnt…

16th: The most watched video on Youtube is Psy performing Gangnam style in Sydney in 2013! Currently it has 2.81 billion views!

17th: Only 4 football teams have been champions of England’s top 4 divisions – Sheffield United, Burnley, Preston and Wolves.

18th: Britain has changed Prime Minister 24 times in the past century, half of those without a general election.

19th: Serena Williams won the Australian Open whilst pregnant! Such an inspiration.

20th: There are 417 bridges in Venice. They usually don’t have steps on them since as up until the 16th century many people were actually moving on horseback.

21st: Dublin (or Dubh Linn) is an old Irish Gaelic phrase which translates to Black Pool.

22nd: Africa accounts for 40% of Guiness sales worldwide!!

Love Abi xxxx

I made this dinner of Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree as one of my ‘meals of the week’ for a youtube vlog, which you can check out if you scroll down to my channel;!

I promised that I would put up a recipe if it turned out okay, and it did!! Made such a nice change to have something different. Full of goodness, nutrients and healthy fats.

Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree

According to Wikipedia, kedgeree can be eaten hot or cold, originated in India and was brought over to Britain by returning colonials and introduced as a breakfast dish!

It is usually made with rice, however we had a leftover half of a cauliflower in the fridge which needed up, therefore I wanted to experiment as to whether it would work this way! By all means substitute with rice if you decide to make it yourself.

I try and have some sort of fish at least once a week for the Omega 3 benefits. We need fat in our diet for brain function, healthy nails and skin and hormonal regulation!

I whipped this up in about 15minutes too from start to finish, so it is brilliant if you are short on time but need something filling and delicious!

Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree

400g Cauliflower
200g Smoked Haddock (I prefer the undid version)
1 egg
50g Leeks
30g Spring Onion
30g Frozen Peas
1 tsp Chopped Garlic
1 tsp Chopped Ginger
Fresh coriander
1/2 tsp Madras Powder
1/2 tsp Curry Powder
1/2 tsp Tumeric
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes

Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree

Cut the Cauliflower into florets and blitz in a food processor to make ‘rice’. Add this to a large pan with the ginger and garlic.

Boil your egg to desired softness. 7 minutes is about perfect for a soft boiled consistency.

Meanwhile slice the leeks and steam until they are soft, about 4-5 minutes.

Cover the fish with clingfilm on a plate and microwave until cooked, should take about 90seconds. (You could always cook your fish differently but we were short on time!)

Keep stirring your cauliflower, after about 7 minutes add in the spices, spring onion, peas and cooked leeks and stir.

Peel your egg and slice into quarters.

Flake your fish into the pan. Try and keep it in big chunks rather than little flakes for best texture.

Have a taste and season with any salt and pepper if needed.

Add the fresh coriander, stir and then top with your egg.


Give this one a try and let me know how you get on. Makes a fab change to your usual dinner!

Love Abi xxxx