#30B430 is a hashtag which I have created in order to document  my quest to achieve 30 different things before I am 30 in February 2018.

I will use this category to house any blog posts which I write in relation to any of the things which I hope to achieve this year so that it is easy for you to find and follow my journey!

Learn Something new everyday – week ending 1st April 2017

A two week catch up on what I have learnt recently….

19th: We use 150litres on water on average per person per day.

20th: Amazon Prime subscribers spend over double the amount per year on the website than non prime purchasers.

21st: When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion, it was the largest acquisition of an Internet start up in history.

22nd: A new billionaire is created every 6 days in the US.

23rd: Sheep on average give birth to 2 lambs per year.

24th: Don’t attempt to turn your laptop on after spilling water on it.

25th: My Dad has visited over 40 away football grounds!

26th: It takes 8 weeks from planting courgette seeds to harvesting.

27th: The average millionaire has seven different sources of income!

28th: Article 50 is a plan for any country that wishes to exit the EU. It was created as part of the Treaty of Lisbon – an agreement signed up to by all EU states which became law in 2009.

29th: Olives must be cured in order to reduce their bitterness. There is 115 calories per 100g. They are also a high antioxidant food.

30th: Every star you see in the sky is bigger and brighter than our sun.

31st: FSCS stands for Financial Services Compensation Scheme. It is he UK’s statutory compensation scheme for customers of authorised financial services firms. Ie it will pay out your money if a firm cannot.

1st April: The top 10 fastest growing cities are all in Africa. India, China and Nigeria – together are expected to account for 37 per cent of the projected growth of the world’s urban population by 2050

Sorry for the delay but laptop issues were to blame! I am back on track now!

Love Abi xxxx

Learn something new everyday | week ending 18/3/17

You can certainly tell what types of books I have been reading and listening to this past week! I have been learning all about how our mind works from the book ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Dr Steve Peters. This is a fascinating book which I would highly recommend you check out. When I uploaded a photo of it to Instagram, I was shocked at the high amount of feedback from people who have read it and said it had a huge impact on them! I have been aiming to read this and learn something each day for around 30  minutes at a time.

the chimp paradox

The other book which I have been listening to is ‘Unshakeable’ by Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is a hugely successful business man from the US. I only downloaded this book to my audible account after getting one of those recommendation emails, I didn’t even read what it was about! It is about investing in stocks and shares and how to make the biggest return on your investment. To some this may sound super boring, however I have found it so interesting. I tend to listen to audio books when I am driving but I have been putting this on at home as well when I have been cooking just to get my fix everyday. It is something which I don’t know very much about so it is all pretty new to me. It is on my #30B430 list to invest in something so who knows, this could be what I have a go at!

unshakeable - tony robbins

12th: 1 in 150 have psychopath tendencies wired into their brains

13th: If your mind gets the wrong first impression upon meeting somebody, research shows it will take seven more meetings with that person before it changes your view!

14th: If we don’t like someone that we meet, our pupils tend to get smaller.

15th: A human’s attention span is now shorter than a goldfish

16th: Bear and Bull markets refer to the state of the current stock market. Bear market = conditions fall and there is a pessimistic outlook. Bull market = stocks on the rise and there is much more optimism.

17th: We go through our days roughly 80% in automatic mode.

18th: The Tax Free ISA savings limit for 2016/2017 is £15,240.

I am always looking for new book recommendations, so if you have any then send them my way!

Love Abi xxxx


Learn something new everyday : week ending 11th March 2017

I have had a super crazy week this week, I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone! I am loving this challenge to myself, to learn something new every day isn’t easy though! Sometimes it has got to 8oclock at night and I am frantically googling something. I have got my Mum and sister involved though and they are sending me messages when they learn something which they think may be interesting to pass on!

Update on #30B430

> I have been reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Prof Steve Peters which was kindly gifted to me by a really good friend. I have really been enjoying this book and the concept which he is explaining. You have different arts to your brain which effect your thought process in different ways. You need to train the ‘chimp’ part of your brain to get the best out of life. I will hopefully have finished this by the end of the week which will be my 4th book out of 30!

> I have kept up with a photo everyday

> I have seeds, some plant pots and some soil. I just need to plant them.

> I booked tickets for my Dad and I to go to Sheffield United vs Oldham away in a couple of weeks!

> I visited somewhere beginning with the letter ‘A’ last weekend; Aldwark Arms for sunny dinner. It was lovely, and I also managed to tick of trying a new ice cream flavour; black treacle!

> I have started researching laser eye surgery and photography courses.

> I managed a Squat Rep PR in the gym; 62.5kg 3×4. So working my way up to 75kg slowly!

learn everyday

So back to what I have learnt everyday this week…

5th: Muscle Growth occurs because of two main pathways. Muscle Protein Synthesis and Myonuclear Domain Theory

6th: Dynamic and Static stretching make no difference to DOMs of the risk of injury. See my blog post on stretching HERE!

7th: In a powerlifting meet, the squat and bench press have two commands which you must follow; the deadlift only has one.

8th: The Maldives is made up of 1190 islands in total, grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. An atoll is a ring shaped coral reef which either fully or partially encircles a lagoon.

9th: The Banana is the the UK’s favourite fruit and we purchase 5 billion of them every year.

10th: Camels have a life expectancy of 40-50 years.

11th: The Balkan Peninsula consists of ten-and-a-half countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the European part of Turkey.

Until next week! Have a good one!

Love Abi xxxx


Today is my 29th birthday, which means I have to officially say  ‘I turn 30 next year.’ I think I have been in denial for quite some time about my age. The thought of getting older really scares me, like super scares me. However a couple of months ago I decided that rather than dread the run up to the big 3-0, I should instead celebrate it. That is where the idea of 30 Before 30 (30B430) came about. Yes, I know it isn’t a ground breaking idea and plenty of other people have done it before me, but I wanted to come up with 30 different things, completely personal to me, which I want to achieve before turning the big 3-0 in February 2018.

This list hasn’t actually been that easy to come up with. I wanted to come up with a list of ideas which were ‘do-able’ yet challenging; scary yet achievable; economically viable; fun; I wanted them to have an impact on a few different areas of my life rather than just a couple; they needed to be personal to me rather than generic.

30 before 30

I set about asking friends, family and my clients for ideas, and this really helped me start thinking and questioning ‘What do I REALLY want to get out of this?’ I could have just added your standard ‘go skydiving, learn a new language or run a marathon.’ But when I really thought about it, although these would be great achievements, I didn’t actually want to do any of those things.

So I have finally settled on my list. Some of them are more challenging than others, some are things which I have been putting off and some are just for the fun of it! I am really looking forward to what the year will bring and hope that at the end of it I will have grown as a person and be in a good place mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have listed them in no particular order, so here goes:

#1 Visit 30 countries 
I am currently on 25 countries. It was 27 but after an in depth discussion, I decided to discount England, I couldn’t help but visit here really; and also Qatar as I have only been to Doha airport and therefore not technically left international airspace. I have trips to both Amsterdam and Stockholm booked which will bump it back up to 27, so now need to get thinking where else I want to go! Brazil, Sri Lanka and Philippines are top of my list…

#2 Take a solo trip
This one scares me, and I will probably combine it with number 1 and visit someplace abroad completely new. I have flown and travelled places on my own but I have always known what to expect on arrival. I always toyed with the idea of travelling to Australia on my own a few years ago, but I wimped out through being scared of doing it by myself. Not that a weekend on my own will compensate for this but I think I want to show myself that I can do it. I am currently thinking maybe Prague or Budapest!

#3 Visit 30 places beginning with the letter A.

#4 Buy a designer handbag

#5 Get a new tattoo

tattoo chewing, ko samui

#6 Watch a Sheffield United away match
I have had a season ticket to go and watch my beloved Blades since I was 4 and go to every home game with my Dad. But I have never been to an away stadium to watch them (we are not including the number of disappointing trips to Wembley!). So this year it is something I want to do.

#7 Eat at a Celebrity Chef’s Restaurant
I love food. I am a huge foodie. Most of the programmes I watch on TV are food programmes, and i always say ‘Ooooh I would love to go and eat at his restaurant.’ I am not sure where yet, but I will.

#8 Have something I have written published
I want to grow my blog and reach more people with my message. One way to do this is get an article or column printed somewhere so I will be exploring a few options.

#9 Pay forwards a coffee
I love this idea yet have never done it myself.


#10 Take a surfing lesson
I live by the sea. I have visited numerous places in the world and said I will have a lesson and have always found an excuse not to do it. Not this year.

#11 Read 30 books in a year
I always say ‘I want to read more’ and I start off really well, but then gradually slip back into old habits of just checking social media or browsing the internet to waste time. I am going to try and read a range of books this year; business; self help; fiction; autobiographies. So any recommendations send them my way! My amazon wish list is actually up to about 100 books, so picking them out could be the hard part!

the library, ko samui

#12 Do a photography course
I bought myself a new fancy *expensive camera back in July last year after putting it off for ages. It is great and some of the photos I somehow manage to take are pretty good (if I do say so myself) but I am afraid to say that I just use ‘AUTO’ mode. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing in regards to all the functions which it has. I want to be able to take amazing photos, not just pretty good ones.

#13 Have laser eye surgery
I am blind as a bat without my contacts. This is something I have always wanted to do, so just a push to go through with it. My sister had it and said it is one of the best things she has ever done.

#14 Invest some money into something
I want to think about my future, and get better at managing my money.

#15 See every member of my family
I don’t have a huge family, and unfortunately we are all pretty spread out but this shouldn’t be an excuse to not see them more often. My uncle lives in York and my cousin is at University in Hull, yet I haven’t seen either of them in I don’t even know how long. There are even a couple of new members who I haven’t met yet, not something to be proud of.

#16 Give Blood

#17 Hold a dinner party
I love to cook, so think I would love the challenge of cooking for a group of people.

#18 Go on a blind date
Don’t laugh.

#19 Watch a new sport
I love all sports, so would like to go and watch something live which I haven’t done before. Whilst in America i have been to watch Basketball and Baseball, I have watched tennis at Wimbledon and been to 2 Formula 1 Grand Prix’s, and as mentioned above I am a huge Football fan. So I would like to go and see something different this year! Suggestions welcome!

la dodgers baseball

#20 Gym goals: Squat 75kg; Deadlift 120kg; Bench 45kg
I had to put some gym related goals in here.

#21 Earn £X amount this year
I won’t disclose how much, but I have written it down privately and my family and BFF know so that I can be held accountable.

#22 Learn 30 yoga poses
This is another thing which I always say I want to do more of yet always find excuses as to why I don’t have time. I need to make time. Ricky, another Personal Trainer at my gym is going to help me with this one!

#23 Raise money for charity
I want to be able to use my skills to raise some money for charity.

#24 Climb the 3 peaks
I have climbed Snowdonia on a couple of occasions when I was at school, but I want to tackle the other two. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same 24hour time frame.

#25 Try 30 different types of ice-cream
Sorry. Had to have something like this in here. Probably, definitely going to start that this week at some point!

salt and straw LA

#26 Learn something new everyday
I think it is so important to learn but so often we get caught up in doing other things that we forget to do it or don’t appreciate our surroundings and what we could be learning. I will write down every night something new which I have learnt that day. I have started doing this already and have learnt some weird and wonderful facts! it is also a great topic of conversation with clients!

#27 Grow my own vegetables
My grandad used to grow tomatoes in his greenhouse, and they always tasted so much better than anything you buy from the supermarkets. It is something which I would like to have a go at and see if I have inherited his ‘green fingers.’

#28 Pull an all nighter

#29 Visit London
The thought of visiting London again makes me anxious, I am not sure what it is but I have a lot of friends there and now that my sister is about to move down I have no excuse not to go.

#30 Take a photograph every day
I want to document my year and everything I get up to, even if it just a standard regular work day. I want to be able to have something to look back on and smile.

This list is my own. You may think some of them are stupid or boring, but they are personal to me and what I want to do. I really hope that this time next year I can look back and say that I have crossed everything off it!

I will keep you updated throughout the year with regular check ins and let you know how I am getting on!

Here is the Youtube Video where I go into a little bit more detail!


Wish me luck!!

Love Abi xxxx