Delicious Chicken Ramen Bowl

It is no secret that i am a huge fan of Asian food, I love all the bold flavours and different tastes which you can get from all types of meals. I probably don’t cook it as often as I should at home, tending to get into a bit of a monotonous routine with the same foods over and over again, especially when I am short on time and cant be bothered to think what to have. But this is all going to change!!


I love that feeling when I cook something new and it turns out just as delicious as I was imagining and this was exactly the case with my Chicken Ramen Bowl which I made recently on an Autumnal Sunday afternoon. I was craving something warm and comforting, but also tasty and a little bit spicy. Perfect. It is also a one pot dish so less washing up!

img_2170Packed with flavour, protein and veggies this makes a great midweek tea or relaxing weekend meal.

img_2160You can make it as spicy as you like, and add whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. I used one nest of noodles for myself, these Blue Dragon wholewheat ones were the lowest carbohydrate option when I looked at Morrisons at 35g per serving, so check the back of the packaging before choosing yours. The lazy chef in me used the ready chopped garlic and ginger which I always have in the fridge, much prefer using this than chopping it myself and washing my hands about a million times to rid them of the smell! I used a low salt chicken stock cube, but fresh stock would work just as well.


I promise you will add this to your meal repertoire once you try it! Even I was surprised at how easy it was! It also comes in at around 400 calories with a balanced macro profile.

100g chicken
50g wholewheat egg noodles
500ml chicken stock
1 egg
1/2 tsp chopped ginger
1/2 tsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp sriricha (hot sauce-to taste)
pak choi
50g button mushrooms
30g baby corn
30g mangetout
50g beansprouts
50g grated carrot
1 spring onion
red chilli (to taste)
fresh coriander


How to?
1)Cover the egg with cold water (about an inch above) in a pan and bring to the boil, then simmer for 5minutes to produce a soft boiled egg. (Cook for longer if you prefer more hard boiled). Then put into icey water.
2)Make the stock up in the pan, and add the ginger, garlic, soy sauce, hot sauce, half the spring onion, some of the chilli and a few coriander stalks. Add the raw chicken and poach until cooked through which should take about 8-10minutes.

3)Remove the chicken and shred with two forks before adding back to the pan.
4)Slice the baby corn and mange tout, bak choi and the nest of noodles.
5)Cut the noodles for as long as packet indicates.
6)Taste your broth and check for seasoning/spiciness, adding more hot sauce if needed!
7)Remove the egg from the water, peel and slice in half.

8)Serve the broth with the sliced egg, grated carrot and beansprouts for extra crunch.
9)Garnish with the rest of the spring onion, some chopped coriander leaves and sliced red chilli.

Nutritional Information:
419 Calories
40g Protein; 52g Carbohydrates; 7g Fat

Something different for a midweek meal, and something to impress your loved ones with!

Let me know what you think.

Love Abi xxx


Eggy Breakfast Muffins

Getting ample amount of protein in for breakfast can be a bit of a struggle for a lot of people, in fact it is probably one of my most frequently asked questions ‘But what can I have other than cereal or toast?’ For me breakfast is just another meal in the day, nothing special, in fact it isn’t even the end of the world if you don’t have any (but that is a whole other matter!).

img_2145So what can you have if you are short on time but want to eat something which is full of protein and goodness? My easy peasy breakfast muffins that’s what! They are also super low calorie at under 50 calories per muffin!img_2136

These are super quick to whip up and will save for a few days in tupperware in the fridge. I like to make them on a Sunday afternoon to last me a couple of days at the beginning of busy weeks.

You can heat them up in the microwave or eat them cold! Have them for breakfast, mid morning snack or post workout. You can flavour them and fill them with whatever you like. The options are endless!

3 eggs
100g egg whites
30g sliced ham
40g red pepper
50g courgette
50g mushrooms
50g baby spinach
2 spring onions
25g low fat cheese
low calorie cooking spray
Salt and Pepperimg_2098

How to:

1)Pre heat oven to 200 degrees
2)Chop vegetables and spinach into small pieces

3)Crack 3 eggs into a bowl with the egg whites and combine

4)Spray pan with low calorie cooking spray and add the pepper and onion, cook until soft before adding rest of the vegetables and ham
5)Spray a muffin tray with cooking spray

6)Add the cooked veg to the egg mixture, mix and season well
7)Pour the mixture evenly into the muffin tin and top with some of the grated cheese
8)Pop into the oven for 18-20mins

9)Check muffins a fully cooked through before removing from pan and allowing to cool on a wire rack

Nutritional information:
Per muffin:
47 calories
5.2g Protein; <1g Carbs; 2.3g Fat

I will also get a recipe video on my youtube channel if you would like to take a look and leave any feedback! I will come back and leave a link once edited!

See you next time🙂
Love Abi xxx


PROTEIN BAR REVIEW – Oh Yeah Low Carb Bars

I think it is fair to say that I sampled my enough protein bars whilst i was away in Los Angeles. I think that it is great how you can purchase them at practically any shop alongside your regular chocolate bars and snacks. It certainly makes choosing a better snack whilst on the go a lot easier rather than having to be prepared all the time.

I wanted to try a lot of the different bars which I hadn’t managed to try yet here in the UK. Some were good, some were disgusting. One has possibly become my favourite protein bar of choice, another I genuinely had to spit out as it was that bad.

Protein bars are not necessary in any diet, they are just simply a convenience. I will link my blog post here on protein powder which I think covers a lot of the same thoughts. I like to have a variety in the cupboard for when i am rushed on a morning and might need something or if i am out and about all day and know that I won’t have access to the best quality food.

Oh Yeah One Bars!

I have tried a couple of flavours by this brand in the past, as managed to get a few samples at Bodypower back in April, we managed to try a couple of new flavours though whilst away. I had spied online their new Cinnamon Roll flavour which I needed to get my hands on as well as the Chocolate birthday cake flavour. There also seems to be a bit of a difference in naming across the pond, over here they are called ‘Oh Yeah Low Carb Bars’ whereas in the states they are just ‘Oh Yeah One Bars’, not sure of the reason but they are the same!!


Cinnamon Roll: This bar is now up there as possibly one of my favourites. It is honestly that good. It is soft and not overly chewy that you feel like your teeth may fall out which can be the case with certain other bars! The taste is sweet and cinnamoney as you would expect but not too powerful. Between us we rated this one 10/10 for texture, flavour and macro split. (yes we did rate every bar which we ate 🙈)

The Oh Yeah bars are all high in fibre and this one was no exception; therefore they are great if you struggle to hit fibre targets from other sources. It is high in protein and pretty low in fat for a bar.

Calories : 210

Protein: 22g; Carbs: 25g (fibre 10g) and Fat: 7g


Chocolate Birthday Cake: I had tried the regular Birthday cake flavour bar a few months ago and to be honest wasn’t all that impressed with the flavour, it was basically just a vanilla bar with sprinkles on. Don’t get me wrong, the texture and flavour was still great but just wasn’t like birthday cake! I wondered whether this might be the same with the chocolate version, but obviously still had to try!

Unfortunately I was right, just a standard chocolate flavour bar with added sprinkles on top, which went everywhere as you ate it! Still a good bar but certainly not in the same league as the Cinnamon flavour. I would buy again but wouldn’t commit to a whole box! 7/10 for flavour; 10/10 for texture and 9/10 for macros.

Calories: 210

Protein: 22g; Carbs 25g (fibre 10g) and Fat 7g.

I have had a look online since coming home and think the best place to source them is This website is also great because you can make up a mixed box of different flavours to try, rather than committing to just the one! But it does appear that the cinnamon flavour is currently out of stock. 😫If you wanted to trust me 100% and take a leap of faith, you can order a full box at  for £24.99.


Overall i would say that this brand gets a thumbs up from me and I will be buying again when my current stock levels start to run low 🙈.

I have plenty more reviews lined up for you so keep your eyes peeled!

Love Abi xxx




Top tips for being more prepared!

‘Setting yourself up to win’

Consistency and preparation are the key to success on any type of plan. We all know that if we have healthy food prepped and ready to go in the cupboards and fridge that we are less likely to turn to the chocolate or seek out the number of the local takeaway. Similarly, if we go into the gym without a plan of what we want to achieve that day, then chances are you will have a bit of a wishy-washy session and end up doing not that much at all.

A goal without a plan is just a wish (1)

Here are just a few of my tips for trying to ahead and being that bit more prepared. Try implementing a couple at a time and create new habits by doing so rather than tackling them all at once!

  • make it a weekly habit to write down what meals you are going to have that coming week. You don’t need to have something new every single night of the week; find what your staple meals are and then maybe when you have more time you can have a go at that new recipe which has caught your eye. (see link below for a pdf copy to download!)food-plan

Food Diary and Shopping List downloadable PDF

  • do a shopping list before you visit the supermarket so you are less likely to be tempted, or have a go at ordering your food online instead to be delivered at a convenient time.


  • batch cook a couple of meals a week so they are in the fridge and easy to heat up when you are short on time. Things like a bolognese, chilli, curry, stews are all easy to put together and will keep for a few days in the fridge, or you can even freeze them and save for a rainy day.


  • have tupperware with chopped vegetables in the fridge – good for snacking on and easy to grab and make a quick meal with when you are hungry on an evening and want to eat everything in sightimg_8198
  • make extra dinner the night before to have for lunch following day
  • always have ‘healthy’ snacks on hand or in your drawer at work; sachets of protein powder, bars, fruit etc. This way you will be less tempted to make that mid morning walk to the vending machine or local shop.
  • I don’t like recommending ready meals, but some supermarkets have now come out with some good nutritionally balanced ones, so have a couple in the freezer for those days when you really are pushed for time, or are super hungry and tempted to call the local takeaway. Look for the ones which are high in protein, but with balanced fat and carbs.


These are just a few which I can think of which I use myself in order to make sure I am on top of my nutrition and consistent with it. If you have any top tips which you would like  to share then I would love to hear them.


love Abi xxxx

What’s on your playlist?

If I am in the gym training by myself then I simply have to workout to music. I was reminded of this fact when my headphones ran out of battery mid way through my session on Saturday! It helps me zone out, improves my concentration and I just go off into my own little world for the time which I am there.


I am not the only one either, there is evidence based research (around 100 studies) on the effects of music on exercise and sport, which suggest that listening to music whilst you train will lead to a better workout!

In numerous studies, music has been shown to improve energy efficiency and lead to a greater work output. A bonus if you are trying to get those extra few reps out on the weights, or run that last 500m on the treadmill. Music has been shown to increase physical performance through delaying fatigue and/or increasing work capacity; especially during high-intensity exercise (ie weight lifting/interval training). Typically this effect results in higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity or strength (Karageorghis, 2008).

‘According to the available evidence, music captures attention, raises spirits, triggers a range of emotions, alters or regulates mood, evokes memories, increases work output, heightens arousal, induces states of higher functioning, reduces inhibitions and encourages rhythmic movement (Karageorghis, 2008; Lucaccini & Kreit, 1972; Terry & Karageorghis, 2011) – all purposes that have considerable application in the exercise domain.’

We all have certain songs which bring about different emotional responses; the songs which make us cry; the songs which make us laugh; the songs which remind us of somebody/something. Sometimes this can be a good thing in the gym, sometimes maybe not. Nobody wants to see you tearing up whilst doing bicep curls in the corner! So choose your music wisely!


Evidence suggested that songs with a fast tempo and prominent beat (motivational music) had the largest benefits amongst participants; by increasing exercise adherence and creating a ‘pre-event routine.’ I personally have certain songs which will get me in the mood to workout so I understand what they mean by creating this routine pre-workout. Get the volume turned up on your journey to the gym to get you in the mood!

So why am I telling you this?

Inability to adhere to a workout plan, or diet is the main reason for failure to reach a goal. Sounds simple, it is. Make a plan; stick to it and the results will come. Listening to music has been shown to increase exercise adherence which means you are more likely to complete your workout; push out those extra few reps; cycle that little bit harder….and all of this in turn will lead to you achieving the goals which you have set out for yourself.

Dig out those headphones; download your favourite songs; create a playlist and see how it benefits you!!

Spotify playlist.png

Above is my current spotify playlist. As I am getting back into training again, I have freshened up what I am listening to and these are the songs which have been on repeat recently! There are still a few old favourites in there which I know will always get me in the mood, but there is something about a brand new playlist which still gets me excited to hit the weights!

Let me know what your go-to workout music is!

Love Abi xxxx

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